Artwork Scanning and Reproductions

Production is at the heart of creating art. Reproduction, in contrast, is altogether another story.

Reproduction prints, in reality, are a COPY of the original artwork.

With this in mind, reproduction prints are best when professionally copied.

Reproductions can be sold and marked either as a poster or a fine art print.

Either as an open edition fine art print. Often they are sold as limited edition prints and signed in the same manner as hand-pulled prints at higher a value.

Photography prints sell individually. Limited editions can play a significant role in photographers or artists careers.

Making a consistent living as an artist or photographer is a challenging game.

Therefore if you want to sell prints online or locally, our services at Port Douglas Picture Framing is the one-stop-shop for high-quality print reproduction services.

Achieving sales means you need quality fine art reproductions and presenting your artwork to the highest standard for success. Besides, making sales will keep you working and, that’s what makes a great artist or photographer!

High-Resolution Scanning

Back in the day, scanners cost an arm and a leg. However, recent technological advancements of scanners, generally speaking, are a very hassle-free way of converting your artwork from hardcopy to digital.

Our scanning services are excellent for converting either old photographic images, artworks and documents for reproduction printing.

We photograph more significant artworks in our purpose-built studio.

Full-service art reproduction copying

Make an appointment to begin with, contact one of our trained staff to discuss your needs.

Our fully set up studio is on-premises at ou Workshop/Studio located at 3/9 Pioneer Close, Craiglie.

Professionally copied artwork takes a considerable amount of setup time; therefore, our permanent space reduces reproduction costs.

Photographic copying and Post-production rates are $150 per hour (usually around five artworks p/h).

The price including the necessary-post production; files converted to high-resolution print-ready .tiff or .jpeg files.

Further detailed post-production editing work is available but not included with this rate.

Order fine art prints online

If your files don’t require retouching, drop in with your digital files or order through our website.

If you think that your digital files could benefit from retouching, or you want help with sizing, please contact us before ordering.

To arrange a test print, please contact us by phone or email, and we will go through the options with you.

Contact us at Port Douglas Picture Framing if you would like to join our “Print Showroom“.

Our gallery-style showroom and website represent a carefully collected group of individual artists and photographers representing the region.

For further details call 07 4099 4532