Laminating Posters and Prints: The Laminating process is an excellent alternative to using glass as protective glazing.

Flexible, unbreakable, lightweight and moisture-proof means this alternative glazing process has many uses.

Laminates enhance artwork and prints, and it comes with a gloss or satin finish.

The professional finish is recommended for promotional print or artwork with a time limit – suitable and affordable solutions for

  • prints,
  • posters, and
  • signage that has a short lifetime requirement.

We recommend laminating posters and promotional prints for hospitals, daycare centres, schools, preschools, kids rooms and anywhere glass may be impractical for safety reasons.

Laminating in the tropics is a must for posters prints and impermanent signage to last. Sealing an item between two transparent sheets is known as encapsulation.

Great for maps, menus, posters, signage, and a cost-effective solution for well-handled print materials.

Laminating Posters and Prints: ACRYLIC MOUNTING

Acrylic Blocks or Acrylic Ice Mounts are all one and the same. They are just called different names. Our sister company Imagebank Australia produces Acrylic Photo Blocks from 3cm and 4cm thick Acrylic.

These blocks are polished with diamond polished edges. This thick layer of acrylic gives the image a three-dimensional feel.

Are you are looking for a fun new way to display your favourite photos? Acrylic photo blocks are definitely the way to go. While photo frames are the traditional way to display photos.

Then photo blocks offer a cool and stylish solution.

They can be propped up anywhere and will always look beautiful. The freestanding White Wall Acrylic Mount stands stably on any flat surface.

The crystal clear acrylic enhances colour and contrasts. Thus giving your photo an impressive 3D depth effect.

These free-standing blocks are a great way to display any image.

They are perfect for gifts as they don’t require any wall space to hang them. Precise details are also visible through the block’s transparent sides. Acrylic wall mounts can be hung framed or unframed.


Mounting down artworks on foam core board is available in various thicknesses.

We use 3mm or 5mm thick foam core. Foam core is very lightweight but tends to bow and who wants their favourite poster or print hung with a curve along with it?

It is a great temporary inexpensive way to mount artwork and will enhance the photograph or artwork with a laminated seal.


Adhesives already applied to foam boards are perfect for mounting photos, artwork, posters, signs and presentations.

The top sheet peels off to reveal a smooth self-adhesive surface that sticks easily with robust and quick bonding.

Easily trimmed and adds polish to your impermanent signage requirements – special menu, seating plans, shop marketing and signage.


Mounting down artwork on composite with a laminated seal is a robust option.

Furthermore, the finish is smooth because the board is super flat; and sturdy. The process requires the poster or print to be mounted down permanently on the flat surface.

The edges trimmed to the exact size of the artwork then it gets a laminate seal over the artwork for protection.

There are options to frame for further longevity and practical uses for wall menus, signage, poster prints and kids artwork.


Mounting is when we affix a paper image, photograph, fabric or object to stiffer support or backing know as a substrate.

Considerations beyond the frame and mat board colour — knowing when to mount and when not the mount is as important as how to mount.

Traditionally, the list of what not to mount using invasive or permanent techniques varies.

Some of these situations include limited editions, original artworks of any kind, parchment, diplomas & documents with a notation on the reverse side and irreplaceable heirlooms.

Though these may be mounted down, we would use a less invasive technique by hinging down so that artwork can be removed without damage at a later time.


We consider our job to be much more than determining the colour of the walls and the type of furniture a customer has at home. We are committed to assessing the artwork by asking the relevant questions firstly.

Fully explaining what mounting processes are best for the artwork are as important as the frame selected.

The Port Douglas Picture Framing studio will assist and determine mounting techniques best suit the artwork and budget.

Our fully equipped framing studio will have the appropriate advice and materials. We are also large Format and acrylic printing specialists.

Please contact us with any of your picture framing enquiries.