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Laini Eckardt is a multimedia artist who enjoys using a variety of materials. Namely, hand-painted film photography, oil paint, resin, and inks.

Laini’s highly desirable print reproduction collection explores her experience and relationship, not to mention the beauty of Australia’s Far North Queensland.

The series of Luminous nature photography is capturing what we see in a new and close up look at night. “The Night Garden” I, II, III, IV & V- 40 mm Digital photography: Light painting of the Garden at Night.

The “Canopy series”, likewise, created initially using Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper is unique.

The series studies the beauty and vibrancy of the rainforest and how you can catch glimpses of the sky as you look up through the canopy of the jungle.

The artist suggests reproduction prints on either 6mm Acrylic for wall mounts framed print the Metallic paper for it luminous shimmering appeal.

The “Underwater Series” was created by combining Resin, Pigments and High Flow Acrylic with traditional Oil Painting.

These prints are inspired by the Tropical Rainforests, Rivers, and the Great Barrier Reef Ocean.

“I have always been intrigued by, and drawn to water. I strive to recreate its colours and moods in my work. I look to Cherished memories and reflections of life in tropical North Queensland as inspiration.

Striving to interpret tropical greens, namely emerald and ultramarine colours that feature strongly in my paintings. In them, I aspire to encapsulate the feeling of freedom one feels when drifting or floating in the water and absorbing the quiet of the rainforest.”

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