Acrylic Blocks

Print Your Photos, Ice Mounts Or Acrylic Blocks
Acrylic Blocks are modern contemporary feel to displaying your favourite images with a depth and life that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Ideal for desktops, benches, mantle pieces and sideboards.

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Our freestanding acrylic glass photo blocks are a contemporary and lasting way to showcase your photos.

The photo mounted acrylic block is crystal clear, to say nothing of, making your photos’ pop’.

Port Douglas Picture Framing produces Acrylic Photo Blocks from 3cm and 4cm thick.

We polished the edges with a diamond-cut polishing tool for a three-dimensional look.

Using the highest quality paper, your photo’s will illuminate with detail.

Display Acrylic blocks as table-top decoration or even present it as an award.

Sleek, modern, uniquely bringing your photo to life with amazing colours and definition.

Are you looking for a fun new way to display your favourite photos? Then acrylic photo blocks are the way to go.

While photo frames are the traditional way to display photos, photo blocks offer a new, not to mention, contemporary solution.

They can be propped up anywhere and will always attract attention.

Freestanding acrylic blocks stand stably on any flat surface. Acrylic wall prints are, well, for walls.

Although this may be true, either way, Plexiglass crystal bright acrylic prints enhance colour, giving your photo an impressive 3D depth effect.

To sum up, these freestanding acrylic blocks are a great way to display any photo.

Photo’s blocks have the look and feel of an art piece rather than just a picture.

Perfect for gifts that don’t require any wall space to hang them.

Original gift-giving and most of all by using your favourite photo, making it undoubtedly personal. 

The Acrylic Block is a sturdy design object and an ideal photo gift.

Our acrylic blocks have a WOW factor, are affordable and individual.

We provide free delivery of all our Blocks around Australia, delivered within ten working days.

Update you’re home decor with these stunning photo blocks.

Locally made and we offer editing services and can assist with sizing your photo.

Contact us at Port Douglas Picture framing for all your Printing, framing and renovation needs.

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12 x 6 | 30 x 15 | $140
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12 x 10 |30 x 25 | $220
12 x 12 | 30 x 30 | $260