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Bio of David Hilton Stacey “ Recognised as a Master of Contemporary Fine Art”

David H Stacey

Acclaimed artist, David Stacey, is renowned for his seductive representation of the natural world.

Born in Sydney in 1961, David moved to North Queensland during the eighties where he currently resides.

His first real paying job was illustrating for the Sydney Morning Herald at the age of 19.

David’s unique and distinctive style of interpreting the landscape has been instrumental in showcasing the beauty and diversity of this region.

Even as a young boy David’s intense curiosity in nature was profound. A deep interest in the living landscape A passion that has become a lifelong pursuit; to further the understanding and exploration of nature through art.

“The most important aspect to life is to find beauty in everything – without beauty, the world would be a dark place”.

His deep connection to the natural world is clearly visible in his contemporary interpretation and observations. David has a definitive ability to capture the essence of the living landscape in all its nuances.

David has had 20 Exhibitions here and Internationally.

His work graces the walls of many fine establishments and collectors abroad.

Featured in Numerous Scientific Books. The last one being the book Cover of Biodiversity as commissioned by James Cook University.

Published and Recognised in a book “Masters of Contemporary Fine Art”. In one edition of which David was the only Australian Featured.

Featured in December Wildlife Australia Edition and earlier in his career he illustrated the book “Walk in the rainforest”

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