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Artist, Jill Booth, is a story teller. Using paints and brushes, she tells stories about the Australian landscape, about its vastness, its oceans, mountains and beaches.

Through oil and acrylic painting ideas, she brings to life Great Barrier Reef pictures showing the excitement of coral spawning, colourful tropical fish, the beaches and islands scattered throughout, the drama of weather events, ocean currents and people’s interaction with Nature.

Alongside these ocean paintings, ancient tropical rainforest plants and drawings of flowers become art prints for sale to designers and corporate groups.

Most artworks may be cropped by agreement with the artist or similar, limited edition series may be commissioned.

Jill’s training as an artist in Perth, WA, included art teaching, which she practised within Australia and overseas.

She managed her family’s galleries of fine art in Port Douglas for ten years before turning her attention to developing a range of designs for application to art prints, silk scarves and other merchandise.

She is aware of the value of following design principles of line, form, repetition, movement and colour harmony to achieve works which appeal to interior decorators, who have the responsibility of finding specific artworks to deliver an atmosphere which complements clients’ overall requirements.

As well as including a level of realism in her work Jill enjoys producing semi-abstract or abstract paintings, which become special art prints for sale through Perrin Clarke in Port Douglas, North Queensland.

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