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Ian Waldren

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Ian Waldren @ wildtropicalqueensland.com

Ian is a lifelong naturalist with a particular interest in Ornithology, Herpetology and general nature photography.

Tropical Queensland has always been a favourite location and he has lived in Douglas Shire for 7 years.

After graduating from studies in the UK in Agricultural and Environmental Science, and a Masters Degree in Management, Ian settled in Victoria.

However, Far North Queensland was always the location to holiday and study birds and reptiles.

The goal to retire to the region has now been achieved.

It is Ian’s attention to detail and exceptional focus to capture wildlife in habitat and “in action” that has made his photography appreciated by so many.

His websites enjoy an international audience and his photographs have been used by ecotourism businesses, Government Agencies and awarded 1st in photographic competitions.

Ian has a great passion for the wildlife of Tropical Queensland and is regularly asked for his advice and knowledge of wildlife in this region.

Ian believes his work can promote and interest people in the beauty and biodiversity of this region by ensuring that his comprehensive photographic library is available for everyone to see and enjoy through his websites.

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