Conservation Framing: using materials that don’t contain acids that will harm your artwork.Many timbers and papers contain lignin (acid), barriers should be created between the artwork and framing materials that are not acid free.

Materials that are acid free or inert are fine to be in contact with the artwork. Conservation framing will also allow the artwork to be removed from the frame and returned to its original condition.


Keeping an art collection, family pictures and poster prints in a tropical environment is challenging.

Tropical conditions cause damage such as mould, shrinking and expanding, moisture, bugs and UV light.

If you are taking the time, money and effort to frame a picture you love, you want it to last.

Preserving your image or artworks for an extended period means you should select your materials carefully.

We stock and have tried and tested various conservation methods for your framed artworks to last for future generations.


We stock and ensure acid-free mat boards. Valuable art should be checked two to five years. Matting also permits air circulation, which allows any moisture that may condense within the frame dissipates.

Mounting Substrate or Backing boards are susceptible to humidity moisture movement and mould.

Recommended alternatives to foam core can prolong and protect for longer. Foam core is easy to cut and lightweight material used for mounting of photographic prints and as backing for picture framing.

It consists of a board of polyurethane foam clad with an outer facing of paper on either side. Composite costs slightly more; however, its benefits are in its durability and lightweight.

Compared to the foam core for movement caused by moisture and humidity in the air, it will protect artworks for considerably longer. We offer a range of both glass & acrylic glazing. We stock UV glass for preservation against the harsh tropical light. By using UV protected materials, you can ensure that you minimise sun and light damage.

Note: that all light fades not just the sunlight.


Two kinds of value affect the choice of presentation and preservation features; take both these factors into account when selecting framing styles and materials. Value in the market place and sentimental value comes into play when we are advising a client on a custom made-designed Frame.

Sentimental value is taken more into account, more important than monetary value because art goes beyond price. The environment should also be a priority when considering the expected longevity of the art.

Conservation framing is a practice used for irreplaceable art. Port Douglas Picture Framing offers refurbishments on framed artworks, stretched canvases. We can assist with anything from a cleaning, broken glass replacement and mat board and substrate or backing board replacement.

Drop into the framing workshop at Craiglie to get a hanging wire fixed, and your re-taping sorted.

We always reuse what we can to keep the costs low. Mat boards are used to rest the image away from the glazing.

The mat board may need replacement after a few years, especially in our Queensland climate, in which mat boards withstand much heat and humidity. This is a fairly inexpensive exercise that will keep your artworks looking fresh and protected.


Whether your artworks are valuable or not, it pays to keep your collection cleaned and maintained in our tropical conditions. Cleaning artwork regularly will protect it from deterioration and decay.

Make your artwork on your all-year-round cleaning list and ensure it stays looking clean and vibrant always. Prevention is better than cure.

Cleaning your painting can be as simple as using a soft, dry brush and lightly dusting it or using a light feather duster.

Never add any moisture or cleaning products to the painting. Get rid of wasp nests in the back and geckos are a real pain. If you leave their mess on your artwork, it can strip colours.

In the cases that the painting is valuable, it is never advisable to undertake any cleaning work yourself. Seek professional advice before using chemical products.

Preserving your artwork has never been easier, come into Port Douglas Picture
The team at Port Douglas Picture Framing can help.

Talk to the team at Port Douglas picture framing; we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to picture framing, printing and necessary art restoration, so feel free to ask us.

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