What is retouching, and why would you need it?

Retouching is a subtle and delicate process that helps to make the best of any photo by enhancing the natural beauty in the portrait or landscape by removing distractions.

  1. Clean up Messy Backgrounds: A messy background can be one of the most distracting elements in a photo.
  2. We can remove distracting objects and smooth out colours so that the viewer’s eyes stay locked on the subject.
  3. Fixing Exposure: Most techniques in retouching come down to light and shadow.

Where do the highlights and shadows fall? Are there any areas that are too bright, too dark, or missing detail? We smooth out light transitions so that a photo appears to have better exposure.

Suppose you are thinking of printing or using your photographs for marketing. We recommend you make sure they are the best they can be and the correct size format.


When talking about retouching photography, specifically post-processing and image editing, the term ‘retouching’ refers to any process used to alter an image physically.
We use Adobe photoshop editing software the industry leader with it comes to digital imaging.
Our trained staff offer basic photo retouch when required for print-ready files.
Further services can be beneficial for old or damaged photos, dust and mould removal.
Age marks and or dirt can revive a favourite or rare photograph.

Everyone has an album of old prints that may have faded or mould damage.
We offer Scanning and Retouching services to rescue old pictures that have sentimental value.
Professional Printing and Picture Framing at 3/9 Pioneer


  • Retouching for landscapes, family photos and or portraits would include:
  • straightening horizons,
  • colour balance,
  • enhancement and contrasts.
  • Removal of items and airbrushing when objects are undesirable in the image ready for reproduction.
  • Cloning is useful in some cases to extend parts of an image.

These retouching techniques can transform an image from good too impressive when considering print reproductions.

Perrin Clarke, a fine art and commercial photographer, offers expert advice for all your retouching requirements.
Port Douglas Picture Framing offers digital retouching, sizing and Fine Art Printing services under one roof.

Make an appointment for all your retouch editing, speciality printing and framing needs.
We offer friendly expert advice and assistance when it comes to reproduction printing and framing for home, exhibition, commercial and business.

The soon to be opened print showroom and framing studio will offer local art and photography prints.
NEW PRODUCT: pre-made quality picture frames.

Drop out to the Pioneer Close location with the files of your favourite photos for same-day prints and framing.