Bathroom Art

Blue Palms bathroom art

Creating bathroom wall art for Flynn Crystalbrook Hotel in Cairns. Port Douglas Picture Framing was commissioned to produce and install splashproof art inside the hotel.

Both pieces are 2000mm × 900mm acrylic print. Printing time was about an hour each with installation taking 30mins.

The benefits of printing on acrylic for bathrooms is that is easy to clean, is mould and water-resistant and virtually unbreakable.

Blue orchid bathroom art
Blue orchids in the public bathroom at Flynn Hotel Cairns

The prints look fantastic in art deco bathroom. With diamond polished edges and a high face polish, the splashproof art pieces really make the bathroom special.

Blue Palm bathroom art
Blue Palms in the public bathroom at Flynn Hotel Cairns

We think the bathroom looks great, what do you think?

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