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Making your custom artwork

Making your custom artwork at Port Douglas Picture Framing is an experience. From Photo Printing [...]

Artwork in the workplace benefits everyone

The benefits of using artwork in the workplace are considerable: offices are decorated anyway. Art [...]

Salon wall decoration

How To create a salon wall and other essential lessons for the stylish home. If [...]

Art in the Workplace

Art in the Workplace: Engage Employees and Entice Clients We all agree that sitting in [...]

Caring for artwork

Caring for artwork: Don't expose to excessive heat or dampness, to direct sunlight, store near [...]

Incredible Canvas Photo Prints

Port Douglas Picture Framing Creates Incredible Canvas Photo Prints. Australia features some of the most [...]

Box framed canvas prints

The difference between a home and a house is what you put in it. Boxed [...]

Quality Framed versus Cheap framed

Should you buy one good piece of wall art that is quality framed or spend [...]

Using stock images to decorate your room

Stock images are a great way to decorate a room cheaply and easily. “How do [...]

Prints on canvas, a short history

Prints on canvas are easily one of the best ways to display art. Did you [...]