Quality Framed versus Cheap framed


Should you buy one good piece of wall art that is quality framed or spend the same budget on inexpensive Target® prints?

There is something great about displaying unique wall art (instead of using tacks or blue tack) that makes it seem more “adult.”

The quality of this wall art is the next adult dilemma to consider.

Historically speaking, wall art has been an architectural feature meant to preserve the artwork and ingratiate a room.

In the 14th to 15th centuries of Europe, churches or wealthy families usually commissioned quality framed wall art. 

Not until the invention of the camera and photography printing in the 19th century. The middle-class proliferated, ordinary people had something to frame.

Fast forward to the present day, you could buy an entire collection of wall art at Target® that is not horrible quality, but we can explain why ours is better.

Quality Framed Prints breakdown

To explain the framing process. Both big chains stores and old-school mom-and-dad shops find that seemingly high prices have quite a bit to do with labour costs and expertise.

Still, more than anything, it has to do with options.

You enter knowing you only need one black frame but then overwhelmed with a host of options.

Considering matting (a piece of cardboard that goes inside the frame and mounts the print or photo), moulding (decorative embellishments on the outside of the frame), glass (referred to as glazing, which is either glass or acrylic, and, depending on what you choose, can offer UV protection), and the frames themselves.

If a business offers fewer options, they can order in bulk, therefore cutting down on costs and quality. 

I’ve owned Port Douglas Picture Framing, a local custom frame shop in Port Douglas, Queensland, for 20 years.

I offer an extensive range of quality framed options with access to thousands of different frames. Hundreds of mats and speciality fabric matting options. I also gets custom mouldings from multiple other vendors.

This service ensures that whatever your framing needs are, Port Douglas Picture Framing will provide.

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