Box framed canvas prints

boxed frame

The difference between a home and a house is what you put in it. Boxed canvas frames are a modern and clean way to display your beautiful family photos, art or memorabilia.

Boxed canvas prints are pretty fashionable at the moment.

A shadow box frame will compliment your art piece and look striking against almost any paint colour.

Our box framed canvas prints are a modern take on our original classic canvas prints.

A little different from a traditionally framed print, the canvas sits within the box frame with a 5mm – 10mm gap, creating a sophisticated shadow effect between the frame and the canvas.

We took our artist canvas prints with their archival inks, hardwood frames and beautiful hand-stretched finish and paired them with sleek frame choices.

We love boxed canvas frames.

Boxed canvases have been priced extremely competitively for our customers.

Using the highest quality timbers and mouldings, we professionally hand stretch your artworks, paintings, canvas prints or fabrics. 

Photo Courtesy of Perrin Clarke Photography

Apart from stretching your canvases, we professionally frame them too!

With a broad range of frames and mouldings to choose from, you’ll find a style to suit your taste.

We highly recommend our ARTIS PURA Mouldings.

They are a unique and modern approach to framing canvases and look extremely impressive for canvas floating frames.

ARTIS PURA Mouldings offers three framing collections: standard, float and designer.

Timber varieties include:

Queensland Black Wattle, Black Bean, Blackwood, Cypress Pine, Queensland Maple, Rose Alder, Satin Sycamore, Silky Oak, Silver Ash and Western Australian Karri.

We have access to thousands of other mouldings and frame types. Come into the gallery to browse our collections or consult with our professional staff.

We here to help in any way we can. Call us on 07 4099 4532, email us or visit us at 3/9 Pioneer close, Craiglie.

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