Art in the Workplace


Art in the Workplace: Engage Employees and Entice Clients

We all agree that sitting in a white-walled cubicle with no decoration to speak of would be pretty uninspiring, right? CEOs and business owners realise that art in the workplace can add tremendous value to employees’ overall happiness and productivity. At Port Douglas Picture Framing, creating inspiring workplaces is what we do best. We’ve found a few reasons why adding artwork to the workplace is massively beneficial.

Increase Employee Productivity.

Colour in the workplace can increase employee productivity and creativity. This colour doesn’t have to come from the paint on a wall, though. The more creative you can incorporate colours into an office environment, the better. For example, use the energy of artwork by adding green in the lobby or a series of bright photos in a conference room. By giving employees something pleasing and stimulating to look at, you increase their overall productivity and creativity. Art also helps people be at ease in conference or interview rooms. When an increasing number of people work remotely, it’s essential to give employees a reason to enjoy being at the office.

Make a statement.

First impressions are critical, especially for businesses. Suppose you bring a prospective client or employee into an office with minimal decoration. In that case, they will think one or two things: One, if they can’t afford to buy decorations for their own office, they must not be doing an excellent job. Two, they mustn’t care about how their business looks or makes their employees feel. Repair this by spending a little time and money to decorate with art in the workplace.

Reinforce Company Values.

A popular choice for art today is incorporating organisations values or mission statements into various pieces—whether it is murals painted on walls or framed photographs conveying leading company ideals. This is an excellent option for many reasons, but because it uses art to reinforce company values and create a more inviting and inspiring environment for employees to thrive in.

Although many factors make a workspace inspiring, using the power of art may be one of the simplest yet most effective. If you’re looking to make bold statements and rejuvenate your workplace, we’d be happy to help!

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