Acrylic frames, the best way to display photographic art in the tropics

Acrylic Frames

Using acrylic frames to display your artwork in the tropics is by far the best solution.

Firstly, acrylic prints are made like a sandwich, acrylic on the top layer, the photographic print in the middle and the backing board on the bottom.

Secondly, the sandwich is pressed together, removing any bubbles and moisture.

Lastly, aluminium rails are fixed to the back of the artwork, hanging your artwork safely and securely,

The great thing about this method of displaying your photos is that once they are hung, they won’t show any signs of ageing for decades.

The sandwich process ensures that mould won’t creep under the photograph and destroy your artwork.

Collaging technique is perfect for those who like to display their photos on the wall collectively.

Alternatively, display your changes of moods or of the seasons.

Acrylic frames are perfect for those who display photo’s in a gallery-style.

I have used acrylic frames in my own home to display my cherished photos.

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