Canvas Print – increase the value of your home

Canvas Prints

A canvas print by Port Douglas Picture Framing not only looks great but can increase the value of your home.

Art gives the home the impression of being more valuable

Think about a beautiful home with great features, you can appreciate it, but without art, it looks unfinished.

It’s missing an important component, a canvas print?

Art gives the impression of being lived-in.

Real estate agents can’t pinpoint a number or percentage of why and how much art improves the value of your home.

You can’t say by how much it improves coz that implies there’s a set rule for you to spend on canvas prints for the house value to increase.

Art adds to a home’s character, it adds colour and creates a more interesting home than it may otherwise be, that adds value.

Right at the beginning when you’re trying to persuade buyers your home has a personality.

Think about adding a canvas print to your walls, it’s worth paying a little extra money to improve your walls.

Use great lighting and canvas prints around the room that you can look at.

Not only that but canvas adds a design element to your home that you can’t quite get from the furniture.

When it comes to hanging art on the wall you’ll need to make sure your art is stretched framed correctly.

We print almost any size canvases, even up to 1 metre × 3 metres.

Upload your photo to our canvas print page enter the size and which border you desire, we’ll start manufacturing immediately.

If you have trouble deciding which photo would suit your room, maybe try something from Perrin Clarke Photography.

Perrin has some amazing images including Australian landscapes, plant and floral macro photography and fine art photography.

We’re sure you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Increase the value of your home today, you won’t regret it!

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