Photo frames – custom made


Unique photo frames designed by you

Design your custom photo frames with our helpful staff in our framing gallery.

With the most extensive range of framing options in Australia, you’ll let your creativity flow and create a unique bespoke picture frame to suit your needs.

Glass Information

Important to realize, we have a range of glass options for your custom photo frame.

All the glass is designed specifically for the photo framing industry, will both help protect your artwork and present your art beautifully.

The photo frame glass options we have:

  • Clear Perspex: 3mm/4.5mm/6mm thick acrylic plexiglass (thickness based on the size of frame). Provides 94% UV resistance, is optical grade, extremely durable and the lightest option we offer.
  • Premium Clear 2.5-3mm – Blocks 45% of UV light, Less than 8% light reflection, Over 90% light transmission.
  • UltraVue 2.5-3mm – Blocks 70% of UV light, Less than 1% light reflection, over 98% light transmission, comes with an optical coating.
  • Conservation Clear 2.5-3mm – Blocks 99% of UV light, 8% light reflection, Allows more than 89% light transmission.
  • Museum Glass 2.5-3mm – Blocks 99% of UV light, Less than 1% light reflection, over 97% light transmission, comes with optical coating.
  • Reflection Control 2.5-3mm – Blocks 45% of UV light, 8% scattered light reflection, allows 89% light transmission.
  • AR Reflection Free 2.5-3mm – Blocks 78% of UV light, less than 1% light reflection, over 97% light transmission, comes with optical coating.

Photo Frame Backing Board Information

  • NU CORE® – 5mm FOAMBOARD 2-SIDED PAPER Non-adhesive.
  • NU CORE® – 5mm FOAMBOARD CLAY COAT adhesive backing and laminated.
  • NU CORE® – 3mm FOAMBOARD 2-SIDED PAPER Non-adhesive backing.
  • ENCORE FOAMBOARD – 5mm adhesive backing.
  • ENCORE FOAMBOARD – 5mm Non-adhesive backing.
  • Aluminium Composite – 3mm with adhesive backing.
  • Aluminium Composite – 3mm Non-adhesive backing.

Professional Lab Printing: Your One-Stop Photo Frame Shop

Another key point, we have our very own professional printing lab on-site and provide photographic-grade fine art printing on a range of high-quality papers.

Coupled with we use the latest printers and do all our colour calibration in-house to achieve incredible results.

  • Printer: Epson Pro 9900
  • Inks: Epson UltraChrome Pro Inks

Upload your photos, and we’ll print them to your required size and design. Come into the gallery to see all our framing options.

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