Acrylic photo printing and Large artworks


Acrylic photo printing and wedding photo’s become large scale pop art. 

HOW BIG is BIG at Imagbank Australia’s fine art print studios?

3m x 1.1m. While this seems massive to some, others still think that would work in their space.

Affordable while easy to hang Acrylic photo printing will change your life forever.

While it’s a simple mistake to make, designing an artwork that’s too small for your space will not make you happy.

You’ll know it’s not right if it seems to float in your space out of proportion.

Rarely will you go wrong creating acrylic photo printing?

Does it cost much to make acrylic photo printing Large artworks?

Print one large artwork for maximum impact. It’s very affordable compared to the scale and cost of other types of printing. Not to mention buying original wall art in large sizes.

You won’t need to spend extra money on framing.

If your budget and tastes fit the idea, acrylic photo printing is for you.

The slick look is high quality, and if you choose your image well, it will last a lifetime.

Invest your money in a single large acrylic artwork. Create a stand-alone statement. This will, in fact, save you money buying lost of small artworks that may not work well together in the space.

Where would I put my large scale acrylic print?

Make your own bedhead with Acrylic photo printing. Create wow impact in an entryway or stairway walls are a grand place for large Acrylic artworks.

High ceiling living rooms will love the scale.

Stand one against the wall in your apartment loft for a cool look and easy to move if you rent.

We print a max size in one single print 101 x 203 centimetres.

Not big enough, want to print more prominently large?

Large space’s and foyers are difficult and expensive to fill. Why not make an impact? Consider Acrylic photo printing pairs & triptych

Pairs in a series that is connected by story or colour is an effective solution.

Mirror your images and create special interest as well.

Triptych could be one single image, and spaced across three acrylic photo prints.

Three images that tell a story by design create a look-and-effect as if they are all the same size.

What are the different types of printing options when you want to print big?

Photo Printing: reproduction of an original work. There are many methods of creating prints. Prints that are limited in number (limited edition) and signed by the artist tend to retain value. Prints will need to be framed.

Digital ART reproductions:

Acrylic photo printing: 3m x 1.1m maximum size, polished acrylic (Plexiglass) with a composite foam/aluminium backing and aluminium hanging rails.

Canvas: The cloth is fine art cotton. canvas artwork or photography reproduction prints.

Stretched: An artwork on canvas must be stretched over a timber frame before it can be hung.

If you Need assistance to size your image or to cut through the technical side of photography and digital art printing Call 07 4099 4532 to speak to one of our friendly team.

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